Marketing may not be your number one concern as a salon owner. It can seem expensive and complicated and you may be somewhat hesitant whether you will see a return on your investment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to attract new clients which can be extremely cost-effective.

Below, we have highlighted 5 strategies to help your salon attract and retain customers.


1. Loyalty Program

Customer retention is extremely important for any business and is generally five times cheaper than attracting new ones. Increasing customer retention by as little as 5% can increase your business’ end of year profits significantly. A loyalty programme doesn’t need to be complicated and it is up to the staff of the salon to remind each customer of the programme.


2. Online Marketing

It is extremely important for all salons to have an online presence. Not only does an online presence increase the visibility of your business, it also adds credibility. Advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms can be a cost-effective strategy for attracting new clients and building brand awareness. These platforms allow you to be very detailed when picking your target audience ensuring your adverts are only being served to people who are likely to have an interest in your services.


3. Referrals

Asking for business isn’t an easy thing to do. It is nice to think that some of your happy customers are spreading your businesses name around, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Instead of hoping for customer referrals, why not encourage your most loyal customers to generate positive word of mouth by offering them an incentive for referring a friend? This can be offering a discount on their next visit or even receiving a free product.


4. Blogging

Offering free advice through your salon’s website will always be well received by your readers. This will help build relationships and acquire business over time. This is a long term strategy but can help establish your business as an industry leader. It is a good idea to answer questions in your blog which you have noticed people frequently ask. This way your blog can be found when people search similar questions on Google. It’s also a nice way to keep your customers up to date with anything that you might have going on within the business.


5. Host In-house Events/Demonstrations

Hosting your own in-house events and demonstrations is a very cost-effective way to show potential clients your employees’ skills first hand. In-house events allow you to create a social event out of your services and creates strong ties between your brand and future clients.

Don’t forget, if you are hosting in-house events and demonstrations, be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos and post them on your social media.