Black and white are obvious choices when it comes to choosing a colour for your uniforms, but choosing something brighter or more unusual can not only make you stand out from the crowd, but it also might give your business a boost – if you choose the right colour! Using colour can give a strong impression of your business in the eyes of your clients, and knowing the psychology behind certain colours can help you choose a shade that will prompt the best outcome from your staff’s interactions with their clients. Here’s a quick look at the psychology behind some popular colours:



A universally popular colour, black generally communicates formality, whether in a happy setting (a “black tie” event) or a sad one (black is the colour of mourning and funerals). It can also represent power, luxury, sophistication and exclusivity.


Why choose black? Black is a universally flattering and popular colour. If you have multiple staff, it is generally the colour that the majority would prefer. Choose a black uniform in a durable and easy-care fabric such as our Novaro bi-stretch material, to ensure that your uniform looks smart day after day.


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As the colour of snow, white often represents purity, innocence, goodness or perfection. It can also be seen as minimalist, modern and sterile. In many cultures, white represents peace (a white flag is the universal symbol of truce or surrender).


Why choose white? White is popular in a healthcare or medical aesthetics setting as it gives a professional look and the sense of a sterile and pure environment. Remember that white needn’t be boring – contrasting trims or unusual necklines can help you stand out from the crowd.


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Red is associated with fire, and can be associated with warmth or danger, depending on its hue or context. A brighter shade (or even a bright fuchsia) gives a sense of vibrancy and energy, along with strength and power. In some Eastern cultures, red also symbolises fortune and prosperity.


Why choose red or fuchsia? A bright colour like red or fuchsia stands out and makes a real statement in a busy setting. It’s ideal for more vibrant and energetic settings such as a nail or tanning salon. It’s also a great colour in a retail setting as there is some evidence to suggest that a bright colour might prompt quick decision-making. A wine shade is ideal if you want the warmth of red in your business without it being too much.


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Green is the colour of nature, plants and growth, and gives a sense of health, freshness and sustainability. Dark green can also represent wealth and stability, and is regarded as a lucky colour in many cultures (including Ireland!)


Why choose green? As green is associated with nature, the environment and sustainability, green is a great colour for people with organic or natural-based businesses. A darker forest shade is generally seen as “earthier” and more sophisticated than a brighter shade (it is also generally more flattering too).


We recommend:



Often referred to as the “royal” colour, purple represents nobility and wealth, along with majesty and honour. In many parts of the world, purple is also associated with spirituality and religion.


Why choose purple? A dark shade of purple is an excellent alternative to black as it is feminine and flattering, yet still gives the impression of authority and professionalism. Brighter shades are more vibrant and are therefore more suited to busier settings such as front of house, retail or quick-stop beauty bars.


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As the colour of the sea and the sky, blue is generally seen as calming and soothing, and in many cultures, is associated with immortality and spirituality. In a business setting, it can be used to communicate trustworthiness, security and stability. In particular, navy blue is seen as a serious and professional colour.


Why choose blue? Navy blue is a perfect alternative to black, as it is universally flattering and extremely professional looking. As it is a soothing and reassuring colour, it’s ideal in any sort of treatment setting to help your client feel at ease with you as a therapist.


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As natural colours, brown and beige are closely associated with the earth, and evoke feelings of resilience, dependability, security and safety. Its close association with nature means that, like green, brown or beige is a popular choice for businesses with an earth or eco-friendly theme.


Why choose brown or beige? Brown and beige are considered by many to be neutral colours, so are generally flattering and popular. As they both evoke a sense of the natural, brown and beige are ideal choices for spas or salons with an emphasis on natural products and ingredients. Go for a uniform in our beautiful Rosso premium linen-look material to really drive home that all-natural feeling.


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