When you work in the professional beauty and aesthetic industries, your appearance, and that of your staff, is of vital importance. A uniform shows a level of professionalism in your business and when all your staff are wearing a uniform as standard, the customer can be sure of receiving the same level of expertise and professionalism no matter who is treating them that day. However, a uniform needn’t be boring. After all, the beauty industry is based on aesthetics, and while there is a need for clean lines and simplicity to give the impression of neatness and cleanliness, style and trends are an important consideration. A good uniform company will manage to deliver a collection of pieces that are functional, professional AND stylish.

Here are five considerations to bear in mind when choosing a uniform for your business.


You want your uniform to be functional, fashionable and comfortable – remember that you’ll be wearing it for the entire day, and usually in a warm atmosphere. It is important that your uniform fits you well, and in every situation. Avoid anything too tight that could feel restrictive when bending to treat a client or look unflattering . If you have staff, bear in mind that your chosen uniform needs to suit a range of body types. A fabric with a stretch to it can help a uniform fit as well as possible on different shapes.


Gone are the days of one-style-fits-all. The beauty industry is an exciting, progressive one, and modern uniform collections reflect this by incorporating many trend-led features. Lace inserts, mandarin-style collars, assymetrical buttons – the world really is your oyster now when it comes to fashion-forward work wear. However, remember that you need to choose a style that you are comfortable with – if you don’t like restrictive necklines, then a mandarin collar possibly isn’t for you. Other considerations include pockets – are these important for your staff ? If so, look for a style with roomy, functional pockets. Our recommendation is to go for classic, elegant lines with a nod to fashion in terms of the neckline or little touches like piping.


Your uniform should reflect your business. If you are going for a ‘clinical’ look , then classic uniforms in black or white work well. But a professional look can be given a nice fashion-forward touch by a clever use of colour – for instance, a turquoise or green, or the use of some subtle piping can give your uniform a wow factor. The colour of your uniforms can play a role in the overall branding of your business too; your chosen shade can be incorporated in every aspect of the business, from the interiors to the brochures.


The material of your uniform is an important consideration and not one to be taken lightly. Uniforms are worn every day and must look smart at all times. That means they must wash well, stay crumple-free during a long shift, and be stain resistant. Our uniforms are made in bi-stretch fabric that is 100 per cent polyester. This fabric is durable and hard wearing, yet the stretch makes it flattering and stylish for all body types.


Yes, you want a stylish uniform and the best possible material – but you also need to bear in mind your budget! This can be a juggling act, as inevitably better materials are more expensive. This is where choosing a trusted company that has been in business for decades comes in. You can be sure that you’re getting the best possible quality at the best price, as a company that has made it through years of business – and recessions – clearly has loyal customers that knows they can get the best uniforms for their budget. In addition, a company like Buttercups, which has been in business for 27 years, has years of experience in dealing with manufacturers and sourcing the latest high-tech material for a good price. We also like to pass on those savings to our loyal customers – check out our 3 for 2 offer at http://www.buttercupsuniforms.com