Black v Colour – What is the best option as a uniform?

Black v Colour – What is the best option as a uniform?

Gone are the days when beauty professionals wore only black, health professionals wore only white, pharmacy staff only wore navy (or white coats), dog groomers only wore baggy hospital scrubs and childcare staff only wore their own old clothes. Now uniforms are considered the best way to give your business a professional edge – and colour is ideal to extend your business branding to your staff. We even stock scrubs in a wide variety of colours and fabrics – who says you have to stick with the conventional blue or green? In this blog post we go through the pros and cons of some of the most popular uniform colours to help you make the best choice for your business and your staff.


There’s a reason why black is so popular – it’s a universally flattering and popular colour, so it’s ideal if you have a large staff. Black also doesn’t show up stains too easily, and there’s generally a wide range of styles available in black. We love adding some details to our black tunics, to elevate the classic black uniform into something really eye-catching and special – such as our B215 Bow Detail Tunic.

Catwalk model for black tunic with a bow


For healthcare professionals, white is the obvious choice as it looks clean, clinical and professional. On a practical basis, many white uniforms can be washed at high temperatures, such as our white scrubs, so if cleanliness is non-negotiable for you, white can be a great option. White is also a good option for aestheticians working in a clinical environment, to differentiate their business from a beauty salon or spa. However, white shows up every stain immediately – so think carefully if you deal with products or coloured liquids.

model showing off the white scrub on the catwalk


A wonderful alternative to black is purple, which is traditionally known as a royal colour and is associated with nobility and wealth. The big advantage of purple is that there are so many different shades from bright violet to gentle lilac to elegant plum. The darker, more earthy shades are flattering on every body type, and don’t show up stains too easily, while a brighter shade is perfect for a younger, funkier business like a nail bar. Plum in a linen-look fabric such as our new Santiago crease-free material is also ideal for a spa setting. We love the natural look of our B036E Long-Sleeve Tunic with Front Pocket in Plum.

Purple tunic with a pocket on a model on the catwalk


Light colours like cream and blush are a softer alternative to clinical white. Blush is wonderfully feminine for a salon environment, and universally flattering; however, like all lighter colours, they can show up stains easily. Go for a uniform that is designed to withstand the rigours of a beauty or spa environment; all the fabrics used by Buttercups are durable and easily laundered. Our B212 Tie-Back Tunic in Blush is the perfect choice if you want a lighter colour in a timeless style.

photogenic model showing off blush pink tunic on the catwalk


Known as a calming and soothing colour, blue is an excellent choice in a salon or business setting. It’s also associated with trustworthiness, security and stability, and is seen as a “serious” choice. On the other hand, it’s an ideal alternative to black as it’s flattering on everyone – and in a way, it’s even more flattering than black on Irish skintones. It’s also extremely professional looking so ideal for a health or clinical setting as well as a beauty one. Our B620 Waist Detail Tunic with Pockets in Navy is a perfect example, as it combines the classic feel of blue with an elegant and fashionable silhouette.

Black v Colour – What is the best option as a uniform?
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