Buttercups through the Noughties

Buttercups through the Noughties

As one of Europe’s leading uniform designers for well over 30 years now, Buttercups Uniforms has really seen a lot of trends come and go – but one thing’s for sure, style never goes out of fashion!

A family business, our story began in 1987, when we saw a gap in the market for beauty uniforms that are durable, easy to wash and comfortable to wear – but also attractive, stylish and professional. Thus, Buttercups Uniforms was born with a very simple aim – to bring together the practical aspects of a uniform with the latest fashions and timeless style.

Buttercups Uniforms in the Noughties

At Buttercups, we constantly update our collection to keep up with changing tastes and fashions – and they’ve changed over the years! Here’s our timeline over the Noughties with our best-selling uniforms – some things have changed and some not at all…

New century, new style. Our best-selling uniform in the year 2000 was heavily inspired by Eastern style, with wide leg trousers, mandarin collar and off-centre button front closures. Even back in 2000, black was a staple in every beautician's wardrobe!

In 2001 we started experimenting with clean lines and trims to create more figure-hugging tunics.

As salon dress codes began to change, so did we! In 2002 we started playing around with brighter, more feminine colours. How fabulous is this pink shade?

Still taking inspiration from Eastern style, in 2003, we began creating beautiful tunics with removable tie belts! This is still a popular silhouette and it’s easy to see why – this design is flattering on every body shape! Plus, the deep v-neck and flared sleeves add a really elegant touch to this uniform.

In 2004, we opted for a more clinical crisp look, along with a longer length! Would you wear this length now? The mandarin collar and off-centre neck detailing really make this the ultimate stylish yet professional tunic.

In 2005, we went for a softer look, with an open front mandarin collar and a sweetheart neckline. These details really make this stylish tunic into something really special. We love this monochrome look!

2006 was the year for embellishments. We added dazzling pink detailing to the v-neckline, sleeves, corners of the tunic and the trousers. We love how the simple, small details really elevate this uniform!

2007 was a year for bright colours. What colour is more striking or assertive than this beautiful bold red? The matching wide leg trousers and off-centre button front closure really make this style the perfect combination of sophisticated and stylish.

We designed the perfect summer uniform in 2008, featuring, comfortable, breezy capri pants and a bold, bright pink tunic! The ideal uniform for the warmer days and working in hot treatment rooms.

We love looking back and seeing how much our uniforms have evolved over the years – let us know what your favourite is. Thank you to all our clients who have supported Buttercups Uniforms over the years. We hope to continue providing stylish, affordable uniforms for you for the next three decades to come!

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