Caring for your Uniform | Uniform Care Tips

Caring for your Uniform

Uniforms are all about looking professional and trustworthy – but nothing kills this image more than stains, creases or worn-looking clothing. A little care and attention goes a long way when it comes to keeping your uniform looking smart for longer, yet nobody wants to spend hours at the end of the day washing and ironing their uniform. So how do we get the best from our uniforms with the minimum of effort? Follow our tips to find out more.

Choose your uniform wisely

Obviously budget is a consideration, but use your money to invest in the best possible uniform available. Spend time researching the market and what you can buy for your budget. Look for strong, high-quality material with excellent finishing on the seams. Make sure the material is easy to care for; for instance, if you like the crisp look of linen, opt instead for a linen-look polyester that gives this beautiful look but can be washed in the machine and require little or no ironing. Many of our beauty and spa uniforms are available in this beautiful fabric. Another good strategy is to look at company reviews and to get personal recommendations from people in the business.

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Follow at the care instructions

Preferably, find out the care details before you invest! Ideally, a uniform can be thrown into the machine at the end of the day and require little other maintenance. Even better – if you take uniforms made in Buttercups’ Novaro Bi-Stretch, Rosso and Santiago Linen-Look fabrics straight out of the machine after washing, you may not have to iron them at all! No matter what, however, you should read the instructions before you throw your uniform into the wash – you really don’t want to shrink your new uniform after its first wear.

Wash regularly and look for stains

Needless to say, the best way to keep your uniform looking clean is to wash it regularly. Sometimes your uniform might not look dirty immediately, but the colour can become dull and – worst of all – it can smell without you realising it. In addition, if you get a stain on your uniform, deal with it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t get ingrained into the material. Hopefully you have chosen a uniform made of high quality material, so a stain should lift straight off if you’re unfortunate to get one.

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Wear your uniform only for work

Ensure that you wear your uniform only for work, only getting into it before you leave and changing immediately when you get home from work. Cooking and eating will increase your chances of spilling something on your tunic – and let’s face it, going in to work with clothes that smell of your breakfast or dinner is not a very good idea. Even worse, if you are going out with friends after work, bring a change of clothes – a pub is no place for a beauty uniform!

Have a spare (or two)

Washing and wearing the same uniform five days a week will soon take its toll – on both the material and your nerves! If you can afford it, invest in at least one other uniform to give you a breather when it comes to maintenance, and to ensure each tunic is not subjected to the rigours of the machine every single day. Having a spare will also take away the temptation to throw a uniform into the tumble dryer when it’s not advised on the care label – this is a shortcut to an absolute disaster!

All Buttercups uniforms are manufactured in the best-quality material we can source, and manufactured to the highest of standards. We know the needs of a hard-working therapist, and ensure our uniforms are easy to care for and incredibly hardwearing. Read more about our fabrics here.

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