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Choosing the right uniform for your dental practice

Choosing the right uniform for your dental practice

In today’s post-Covid world, hygiene is more important than ever before. And not just from a public health point of view – if you are operating a private practice, you want to show your clients that you take hygiene very seriously indeed, in every aspect of your business.

This is especially true for dental surgeries, where hygiene really is the name of the game. The highest of high standards are mandatory to make sure that every patient who walks through your door is reassured that they are in safe hands.

Uniforms are a tried-and-tested way to ensure that your customers know just how skilled and professional you are as a business. For a busy dental surgery, it’s also a way to define your staff and the role they play in your business. At Buttercups, we have a wide range of uniforms to suit every staff member – and here are a few ideas to ensure your dental staff look good and feel even better in their workwear!


As the head of a dental surgery, a dentist or hygienist is a key healthcare worker and must therefore place hygiene above everything else when choosing a workwear uniform. Therefore scrubs are an excellent choice, as these were originally designed for use in a hospital setting where hygiene is of the utmost importance. We carry two ranges of smart scrubs that are ideal for a dental surgery, in regular and in luxsatin materials, in a range of colours. As our coloured scrubs can be washed at 60 degrees in the machine, while our white scrubs can be washed at 95 degrees, you can be assured that they are durable and hygienic for every wear.
Choosing the right uniform for your dental practice

Dental nurse

In practices where cosmetic dental procedures are routinely performed – and in fact, many surgeries now offer other aesthetic procedures such as fillers – a dental nurse can play a pivotal role in a surgery. Many might opt for scrubs, perhaps in a different colour, but an alternative is a nurse’s tunic, which offers a similar level of hygiene as scrubs. Many of our nursing tunics are manufactured in a beautiful polycotton mix, which gives the illusion of a crisp cotton but with the lower maintenance of polyester. We also stock a range of waterproof aprons and wrap-around tunics, ideal for protecting your uniform when performing potentially messy procedures.
Choosing the right uniform for your dental practice

Dental receptionist/front of house

Those working front of house in a busy surgery should still focus on professional hygiene at all times – but a way of differentiating these staff members from the healthcare staff is with colour or style. Our range of aesthetic beauty tunics are ideal for these professionals as they are smart, durable, easy to care for, and hygienic. We carry a wide range of styles in different colours and fabrics, all of which are carefully designed with the needs of busy therapists and customer-facing staff in mind. Our Waist-Detail Tunic with Pockets B620 is an ideal choice as it’s made in a comfortable bistretch material that is crease-resistant, easy to wash and incredibly durable.
Choosing the right uniform for your dental practice

With over 30 years’ experience, Buttercups Uniforms offers a wide range of uniforms to suit every staff member in a busy dental practice. Our experienced staff can advise you on the best styles for you and your staff, so please contact us today for advice!