Choosing the right uniform for your shape

Choosing the right uniform for your shape

Choosing the right uniform for your shape

There are a number of considerations to bear in mind when choosing a uniform for either yourself or your team. But while budget and practical matters such as care and colour are incredibly important, most of us want a uniform that is flattering and stylish – and this is where you need to bear your body shape in mind. Finding a great cut for your shape is now easier than ever thanks to the variety of styles now available – follow our tips to get you started.


Apple shapes are characterised by broad shoulders, full bust, straight waist and slim legs. The great news is that a tunic is the ideal garment for your body type. Look for styles with crossover or v-necks, a-line silhouettes and clothing made with good solid fabric such as linen-look or thicker polyester.

Recommended styles: Lucky you – the thicker fabric used by Buttercups, along with many of our popular styles, is ideal for apple shapes. Try our B320 V Neck Beauty & Spa Tunic, which features a flattering cross-over neckline, an empire-line waist and a hip-skimming style.

A great alternative is our Bow Detail Tunic B215, which gives shape to your figure thanks to the attractive bow.

B320 tunic perfect for apple body shape


One of the most common figure types in Ireland is a pear shape, which is characterised by a small bust, slim waist and wider hips than shoulders. Dressing this figure is all about creating balance: widening the shoulders, narrowing the waist and skimming the hips. Look for wide necklines, nipped-in waists and side vents for your fuller hips on longer-line tunics.

Recommended styles: Many of our styles feature waist detailing, which is perfect for showing off a slim waist. Try our B620 Tunic with Front Pockets, which features a neckline revealing the collarbones (ideal for bringing your shoulders into proportion with your hips) and dart detailing to show off your small waist. Side vents allow for your tunic to skim over your hips. An alternative is our B212 Tie-Back Tunic, which features a tie-back to flatter your waist and some really beautiful satin detailing.

B620 tunic perfect for pear body shape


Hourglass figures conjures up images of Hollywood stars from the 50s such as Marilyn Monroe. Hourglass women generally have a well-defined waist with bust and hip measurements in proportion with each other. Many hourglass figures would be described as curvy. Because this figure is balanced, many styles are suitable; the key is to find the right fit and a great fabric that skims your curves rather than clings.

Recommended styles: Show off your enviable figure with v-necked styles and nipped-in waists. We love the look of our B036E Long Sleeve Tunic with Front Pocket, which features a beautiful deep v-neck and a removable obi-style belt to show off your tiny waist.

B036E is perfect for hourglass body shape


Athletic or straight figures tend to have balanced shoulders and hips, but not much definition in the waist. This figure type tends to also have a small bust, narrow hips and slim legs. Go for styles that create curves, especially in the waist area, and feminine details such as bows or belts.

Recommended styles: Our B215 Bow Detail Tunic is a wonderfully feminine style with bow detailing on the empire-line waist to cinch in your mid-section. It’s also made in our ultra-flattering bi-stretch material, which will skim your body for an elegant look. Or try our B035E High V Neck Tunic, a looser style that accentuates the waist with a tie belt.

B215 is perfect for Athletic and recanglar body shape


Petite girls look great in simple styles that don’t overwhelm their frames with unnecessary and fussy details. Again, making sure that the size is correct is all important, as it’s very easy for a petite woman to “drown” in a style that’s too big for them.

Recommended styles: Our B428 Modern Tunic with Pockets & Zip is a fashion-forward sculpted style that looks great especially on smaller figures. Elegant seaming down the front defines your figure and shows off your beautifully petite frame. Or try our B230 Demure Square Neck Tunic, a classically elegant tunic with clean lines and a fitted shape.

B248 is perfect for Petite body shape

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