Why scrubs should be an integral part of your work wardrobe

Why scrubs should be an integral part of your work wardrobe

In recent years, scrubs have emerged as suitable workwear for a wide range of sectors – and for many very good reasons. We are delighted to offer a huge variety of scrubs in every colour, style and fabric you can imagine – so adding scrubs to your workwear does not mean sacrificing style, fit, quality or branding. Here are just a few reasons why NOW is the time to add Buttercups’ scrubs into your work wardrobe.

Why scrubs should be an integral part of your work wardrobe

Scrubs are both hygienic and professional

Hygiene is an important concern in every client-facing role – not just healthcare. Because scrubs are associated with healthcare settings, when clients see staff wearing smart scrubs, they automatically know that you prioritise hygiene in your business. And as a business owner, you can rest assured that our Cherokee scrubs are among the best on the market in terms of hygiene technology; in fact the Cherokee Infinity range also incorporates Certainty antimicrobial technology, which protects the wear from bacteria, viruses or disease organisms.

Scrubs are easy to wear and wash

Our Cherokee scrubs are designed for even the toughest of healthcare settings; this means they are incredibly durable and easily washed at high temperatures – so you can be assured they’re completely clean when you put them on next. Scrubs are also looser fitting so a lot more forgiving when it comes to creases – reducing any time needed on ironing.

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Scrubs are available in a wide range of colours and styles

If you think of hospitals, theatres and ER when you think of scrubs, then you could not be more wrong. Scrubs are now available in all different styles and colours – and even fabric. We carry four lines of Cherokee scrubs, each of which offering a wide variety of colours and styles. From hot pink to cool blue, we have literally something to suit every taste and role.

Scrubs are the ultimate unisex uniform

Getting a uniform to suit everyone is tough, especially if you have a large staff – and if you have both men and women, it’s even trickier. Scrubs then is a great choice as they suit everyone and is suitable for all shapes. Our scrubs come in a wide variety of fits too, so there’s no need to sacrifice style and fit when looking for a uniform that suits every member of staff.

Scrubs are a comfortable and practical choice

Whether you work in healthcare, beauty, spa, childcare, aesthetics, dentistry or veterinary, you probably spend long days on your feet, possibly working on clients – so it’s essential that your uniform is practical and moves with your body. When it comes to comfort, you really can’t get better than scrubs. They are looser fitting than other uniforms so allow perfect freedom of movement. Our Cherokee scrubs are also easy to wash and care for – and incredibly durable

Buttercups stocks four high-quality ranges of scrubs from Cherokee: Core Stretch, Infinity, Originals and Revolution.

Browse our huge range of scrub styles and colours.

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