The Evolution of Scrubs: Five reasons to introduce scrubs into your work wardrobe

The Evolution of Scrubs

Remember the days when the only time you saw scrubs was in the hospital when a tired-looking surgeon was doing his/her rounds after a long day in the theatre? Now, however, scrubs are popping up in a variety of different sectors, and there are a good few reasons why this is the case. Here are our top five reasons why scrubs can be a valuable part of your work wardrobe – whether you work in a purely health setting or not.

Scrubs look hygienic and professional

As most people associate scrubs with hospitals and surgery, a person wearing scrubs gives the impression of similar levels of hygiene and professionalism. For those working in beauty aesthetics, scrubs are an excellent choice to give your clients confidence that they are receiving a high-tech treatment in a clinical setting. Even if your business is less clinical, the Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone more aware of the need for high hygiene standards in every hands-on treatment setting – so any hygiene protocols you bring into your business will become the new normal. Scrubs are ideal for promoting an excellent level of hygiene.

Scrubs can be easily washed and maintained

Because scrubs were designed for use in a hospital setting, they are designed to be durable and easily washed at high temperatures – so you can be assured they’re completely clean when you put them on next. Our coloured scrubs can be washed at 60 degrees in the machine, while our white scrubs can be washed at 95 degrees, ideal for clinical settings where hygiene is of paramount importance, as well as for removing stains completely. Scrubs are also looser fitting so a lot more forgiving when it comes to creases – reducing any time needed on ironing.

The Evolution of Scrubs: Five reasons to introduce scrubs into your work wardrobe

Scrubs are now available in different colours and materials

If scrubs conjure up an image of doctors and nurses in theatres urgently working on critically ill patients, you may be thinking they’re not suitable for a “gentler” sort of hands-on business such as beauty. However, scrubs have evolved since the days of George Clooney in ER, and are now available in a number of different colours and materials. At Buttercups, we stock scrubs in a range of beautiful colours, including lilac, burgundy and light blue – all look smart and suitable for a wide range of sectors. We also stock Luxsatin scrubs, which feel and look far more luxurious than regular scrubs, yet can still be washed at high temperatures and require little other maintenance.

Scrubs are easy to wear for every member of staff – men and women

If you have a large staff, getting a uniform to suit everyone can be very tricky. And if you have both men and women on your staff, it can be even harder. Scrubs suit everyone, men and women, and is suitable for all shapes. We also stock scrubs in both regular and slim fit, so there’s no need for petite body types to feel drowned in a one-shape-fits-all model.

The Evolution of Scrubs: Five reasons to introduce scrubs into your work wardrobe

Scrubs are comfortable, practical and inexpensive

The beauty and health industries are demanding, and professionals tend to spend many hours on their feet. Even beauty therapists need uniforms that move with their bodies, when performing treatments such as massages and facials. When it comes to comfort and moveability, you really can’t get better than scrubs. They are looser fitting than other uniforms so allow perfect freedom of movement – making these both comfortable and practical pieces in your work wardrobe. They’re easy to wash and care for, and also relatively inexpensive – our range of scrubs begin at €16.99/£15.99.

Buttercups is proud to stock high-quality scrubs (both tops and trousers) in a wide range of colours and selection of fabrics at great prices. Explore our range of scrubs here

The Evolution of Scrubs: Five reasons to introduce scrubs into your work wardrobe

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