Four reasons why pharmacies should invest in a staff uniform

Four reasons why pharmacies should invest in a staff uniform

A uniform is a wise investment for any business that is dealing with the public. First impressions matter, and these days potential clients and customers form an opinion about your business within seconds of entering your premises. And, when you’re in a business like pharmacy, you want your customers to be super-confident in your ability to look after their healthcare needs. There are many reasons why a uniform is a great idea for pharmacies – here are just four.

Four reasons why pharmacies should invest in a staff uniform

A uniform looks authoritative

For many people, the pharmacy is a major source of advice and reassurance when it comes to healthcare needs. In recent years, there has been a movement to expand the role of pharmacists in Ireland, encouraging people to visit the pharmacy instead of the GP for minor and everyday ailments. And with more and more remedies moving to over-the-counter sales, the pharmacy is often the first call for healthcare. As healthcare professionals, pharmacy staff must then look authoritative, professional and trustworthy – and no better way to do this than through a uniform.

In days of old, a common pharmacy uniform was a simple white coat over your clothes, but many began to understand that this gave the business a more clinical or laboratorial feel – and with pharmacies increasingly becoming the hub of a community, the white coat was soon abandoned as not friendly or approachable enough. A simple and flattering tunic is a far better choice as it looks smart and authoritative, without losing the approachability factor (or worse – invoke the famous “white coat syndrome”)

A uniform looks hygienic

Never has hygiene been more important in every business – but especially in a healthcare setting. While pharmacies these days are far more than just dispensaries, there is a need for both premises and staff to adhere to the highest of hygiene standards to inspire confidence in customers who may be conscious of their health – and indeed of other people’s health, if customers suffering from colds or other ailments are visiting the pharmacy for remedies or advice. These high standards when it comes to hygiene extends to your staff, and what they are wearing. While there is no need to go too full-on clinical – which may make your staff look unapproachable and intimidating – having a specifically designed uniform for pharmacy staff, such as the ones in the Buttercups pharmacy collection, can increase your customers’ confidence in your hygiene standards. In addition, our pharmacy uniforms are durable and easy to care for, ensuring that your staff look clean and crisp day after day.

Four reasons why pharmacies should invest in a staff uniform

A uniform looks professional

Competition is rife in the retail industry – especially in the pharmacy business, when there can be several different pharmacies on one road. Offering a high level of professionalism is a way to set yourself aside. It is generally expected that all staff (not just the pharmacist) should be dressed professionally, wearing smart clothes, not too much makeup and minimal jewellery. With many different staff within a pharmacy, and a mix of ages, this can be difficult to control. A set pharmacy uniform is therefore very useful to give your business a professional sheen. As discussed above, there’s no need to adopt a highly clinical look, but instead look at a simple tunic shape with trousers, something that looks elegant and stylish on a wide range of body shapes and ages. Having a uniform professional look can reassure and comfort your customers that you take them and your business very seriously.

A uniform adds to your branding

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s essential to stand out from the competition in every way you can. This is where simple branding comes in. From your logo to your advertising to point-of-sale branding opportunities such as bags and signs, it’s important that your business has a clear identity in your customers’ eyes so they can recognise that you’re a serious and established business. When it comes to uniforms, your branding can come through in a number of different ways, from colour through to personalisation. At Buttercups, we offer pharmacy uniforms in a wide range of elegant and stylish colours to fit in with your business branding. We also offer embroidery services so your business logo can be added to your uniform. Alternatively, we also stock a wide range of high-quality nametags – ideal for adding a little personalisation to your uniform.

Browse through our collection of uniforms for pharmacy staff – monochrome or colour, there’s something for every taste and brand.
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