How to choose the right medical uniform for you and your staff

How to choose the right medical uniform for you and your staff

Healthcare workers are some of the busiest people in the world, so the last thing they need to worry about is what they wear to work each day. Yet, just like any other job, appearance is important, and this is where a functional, stylish and practical uniform comes in. To make the choice easier, we’ve put together a few considerations when choosing a medical uniform – and of course our expert staff are always on hand to ensure you make the right choice each and every time.

How to choose the right medical uniform for you and your staff

Think about professionalism

In a healthcare setting, a uniform plays an important role in patient perception. At the very highest level, a uniform looks professional, and most importantly, gives the impression that you care about your jobs and your patients. A professional look helps a patient feel confident in your ability and your approach to the job, that they’re in “safe hands”. This is true in most industries, but is especially important in medical settings as patients need to feel safe, secure and well looked after.

Think about job identification

To take it one step further, a uniform can act as a clear identifier of certain jobs and roles – for instance, a doctor or surgeon doing their rounds may just wear smart clothing, but a nurse may wear a tunic. A doctor or surgeon may wear scrubs. Different colours can also signify job type or rank, eg a nurse often wears white while a senior staff nurse may wear blue. White coats are still a popular option for GPs and pharmacists. Obviously this differs from facility to facility, but even in a smaller clinical setting, having some sort of system with uniforms is a really useful policy.

How to choose the right medical uniform for you and your staff

Think about comfort

Healthcare professionals spend their long days on their feet and running around – the last thing they need is a uniform that’s too tight, too loose or just plain uncomfortable. At Buttercups, our medical uniforms are carefully designed to skim and flatter the body, with practical necklines and sleeves. We also use high-quality fabric that is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Plus, for admin staff and receptionists, we offer a range of great tunics in our comfortable Novaro bi-stretch material, such as our Modern Tunic with Pockets & Zip B428, which skims the body for a super-comfortable fit.

Think quality

Your healthcare uniform is one area in which you really shouldn’t skimp on quality. All medical staff require uniforms that can be washed and worn hundreds of time, yet still look as fresh and clean as the day they bought them. They also may need extra laundering at higher temperatures due to the nature of a medical professional’s work. Choose your medical uniform from an experienced and reputable supplier, such as Buttercups, which has over 30 years’ experience in medical uniforms. Look for great quality, tried-and-tested fabrics and robust seams – your uniform should be durable enough to withstand the vigours of your job. Remember as well that your uniform protects your skin against chemicals and bodily fluids – so the quality of your fabric plays an important role here too.

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