How to keep your scrubs looking like new for longer

How to keep your scrubs looking like new for longer

Scrubs are a great option for medical staff and even aesthetics staff who want to give their business a more clinical feel. The great news is that scrubs have emerged from the operating theatre and given a makeover to look more slick, professional and smart than ever before – all without losing the functionality of traditional scrubs.

Buttercups Uniforms is proud to partner with Giblor’s, an Italian manufacturer of high-quality uniforms, to provide its customers with stunning, modern and durable scrubs in a wide range of colours. We stock scrubs for both men and women in both Cotton Slim Fit and Luxsatin Regular Fit; both are manufactured in high-quality material that is easy to care for and looks professional for longer. Even better, the white versions of both styles can be washed at 95 degrees, giving you confidence that your scrubs are clean and hygienic after every wash.

We’ve put together some FAQs for you on caring for your scrubs – so they will look better for longer.

Should I wash scrubs before wearing them?

Yes, it’s recommended to wash new scrubs in cold water with half a cup of distilled white vinegar to set the colour. Scrubs need to be washed frequently and this pre-treatment can prevent the colour from fading after lots of washing at high temperatures.

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How do I wash my medical uniform?

First – read the care instructions included with your scrubs and follow them to the letter! Our scrubs can be washed at 60 degrees; however, the white scrubs can be washed at 95 degrees. Our polycotton medical tunics can be washed at 60 degrees, but if they feature a navy trim, we would recommend sticking to 40 degrees to prevent the colour from slowing fading. Turning scrubs inside out before washing will prevent pilling and help stop your colour from eventually fading.

How often should I wash scrubs?

Scrubs should be washed after every wear; if you are working in a medical setting, then you must wash your scrubs separately from other clothes and bacteria can spread during the wash uniform.

How to keep your scrubs looking like new for longer

How do I dry scrubs?

Good news – scrubs may be put into the tumble dryer on a low heat. It can be lined dried too. They can also be ironed on reverse using a medium heat. In fact, using heat to dry and smooth your scrubs has the added benefit of killing bacteria remaining on the fabric.

Should I use detergent?

Quick answer – yes, you should use a high-quality detergent every time you wash your scrubs. If you have any visible stains, treat these with a colour-safe stain remover before washing. Follow this by washing as normal in your machine.

How to keep your scrubs looking like new for longer

Any other tips for making sure my scrubs stay clean and hygienic?

Keep your scrubs or uniform just for work. If you work in a medical environment, consider changing into your uniform when you get to work and changing before you leave. Store clean scrubs in a bag and put the dirty scrubs back into the bag before leaving the workplace. Keep them in the bag until washing to prevent them from dirtying other laundry.

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