Medical v Beauty Uniforms

Medical v Beauty Uniforms

Many aspects of beauty have become increasingly medicalised, with lots of salons offering high-tech aesthetic treatments such as peels and microdermabrasion alongside the more traditional salon offerings of waxing, massage, tanning et al. If you pivot your business to include more high-tech treatments, should your uniform become more clinical too? Or does it really matter? Here we take a look at how you can decide what type of uniform is right for your business and your personal needs.

First things first – uniforms should be non-negotiable in both beauty and aesthetics

Many studies and features have shown again and again how uniforms are a positive addition to businesses that care for patients and clients. The right uniform can actively promote patient safety and hygiene, and show your clients that you take your job (and their care) very seriously. In fact, a 2012 study by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that wearing a uniform can increase your own work performance and dedication to the job, as well as instil trust in your abilities for the patient. As well as a professional uniform, staff members should adhere to basic self-hygiene guidelines such as removing jewellery and tying back hair when treating patients. The Covid 19 pandemic has made the general public more aware of the issue of infectious diseases in clinical settings – and this issue is not just for hospitals and care homes. Good hygiene practises should be mandatory in every business that offers hands-on care for clients and patients, to minimise the risk of infection.

Medical v Beauty Uniforms

Consider the future of your business

If you are a beauty salon that has branched out into more high-tech treatments, you may find yourself straddling the beauty and the aesthetics sectors. And this is fine – but if you do see yourself specialising more in one or the other, it’s a good idea to look at how your business is perceived by potential customers. For instance, a medical aesthetics clinic that offers treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox benefits from a more medical image, with features such as clean white walls, bright treatments rooms and white uniforms or scrubs. This gives the business the feel of a highly qualified medical clinic. However, if you want your business to appeal to customers who want a more relaxing experience, alongside your more high-tech treatments such as peels, consider a more muted interior appearance alongside uniforms that look and feel more like a beauty or spa business.

Think of your clients

What do your clients expect when they enter your business? Do they want to pay for, and receive, treatments that are state-of-the-art and results driven? Do they expect you to be highly qualified and clinical in your approach? Or are your clients regular visitors who like to chat and enjoy a restful experience as well as a great beauty treatment? In the case of the latter, a more clinical uniform could be intimidating and give your clients the wrong feel about your business.

Medical v Beauty Uniforms

A solution: How to find a middle ground

Still on the fence? Why not find a compromise between beauty and medical – a uniform that has many of the features of a more medical uniform yet has the style and on-trend features of a beauty tunic? For instance, white is the colour of health and medicine – nothing looks cleaner or more professional than a white uniform, but why not go for a beauty style such as our B212 Tie-Back Tunic in white? Alternatively, our medical range includes white tunics with eye-catching trim detailing, which gives the crisp feel of a white tunic without being too clinical looking. We also stock a variety of scrubs in colours other than the traditional medical green shade; in particular, our Margherita Luxsatin Regular Fit Scrub Top is a more luxurious take on scrubs, and is available in six beautiful colours. Ideal for striking that middle ground between medical and beauty uniforms.

Medical v Beauty Uniforms: How to find what’s right for you
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