Tips on choosing the best uniform for your spa

Spas are synonymous with relaxation, pampering, self-care and utter luxury. They’re one of the few public places where visitors are actually encouraged to wander around in robes and slippers, and do absolutely nothing. Everything in the spa feeds into this sense of relaxation, including dimmed lights, candles, soft music, pampering treatments and even the muted voices of the staff. So it’s not surprising that your spa uniform can also play a huge role in promoting the right atmosphere in your luxurious spa business – and it’s important that you consider the very individual needs of your staff and the business profile when selecting your staff uniform. Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

Think function

In general, spas are warm places, so clients can feel comfortable in swimsuits and loose towelling robes. Treatment rooms tend to be even warmer, to suit clients who need to undress for body treatments or massages. Heated beds can push the temperature up even higher. But what’s comfortable for the client can be torture for the therapist, if the right uniform isn’t worn. Spa therapists need light uniforms in material that stays cool and doesn’t cling to the body. Short sleeves are the most comfortable too. In addition, spa therapists needs to perform some quite physical treatments, such as massages, so it’s essential that they can move easily in their uniforms without seams “pinching” or feeling that their movement is restricted. Look for a looser style uniform such as our B035E High V Neck Tunic, a modern spa tunic that is ideal for the atmosphere and practical needs of a spa.
Functionable spa uniform lilac colour

Think colour & texture

Spas originated in areas with sources of mineral-rich water that was said to have health-giving properties – and to this day, a spa is defined by its inclusion of water- and nature-based therapies, such as the inclusion of a thermal suite or essential oil-based massage, body and facial treatments. With this in mind, a spa is a great opportunity to go a little lighter with your colour choice. For instance, our B320E V Neck New Linen Look Tunicis available in beautiful shades of plum and lilac. Alternatively, going for a natural fabric is also a way to highlight the fact that you’re a spa, not a salon. Linen is the obvious choice; unfortunately this creases easily and is notoriously difficult to maintain, so at Buttercups, we have sourced a great alternative, our Santiago linen-look fabric. Both the B320E and the B035E are made in this beautiful fabric – an ideal choice for a spa therapist.
B320 plum colourful for spa

Think practical

Spas are often much larger than salons, with therapists having to move between waiting areas, multiple treatment rooms, relaxation suites and reception areas. So having a pocket to store small essentials such as a pen, tissue or keys to rooms is incredibly useful. Many of our modern spa uniforms feature a useful pocket – try our B620 Waist Detail Tunic with Pockets. There are other practical considerations when choosing a spa tunic, for instance, ensure that it’s made in a easy-to-wash material as spa therapists work long shifts with oils and liquids of all descriptions. All our uniforms can be machine-washed at the end of the day, dry quickly and most don’t need ironing if you take it out of the machine straightaway!
B620 waist detail tunic with pocket

Think brand

Now this is a point for every business – spa, salon or clinic. A uniform is one of the strongest ways to enhance your brand, yet it’s also one of the easiest. Try reflecting your brand in any way you can – colour, style, material, design elements etc. Alternatively, we offer a choice of two embroidery services, so you can personalise your uniform with your business name and/or logo.
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