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At Buttercups Uniforms, we understand that today’s health, beauty and spa professionals need workwear that not only looks great but is also a pleasure to wear during their physically demanding and busy day. We carefully choose only the best fabrics that are durable, easy and quick to wash, and move with the body for all-day comfort – and with over 35 years’ experience in sourcing our materials, we know that our fabrics are quite simply the best.

Novaro Bi-Stretch

Our Novaro bi-stretch material is a long-time favourite with staff and customers alike. This is a stretch satin-backed unbuffed moleskin fabric, which gives durability and comfort with a smooth satin finish against the skin. It’s also incredibly easy to wash and care for, and looks great on every body type.

Rosso Linen-Look

Our Rosso premium 100% polyester fabric has the beautiful look of linen without the maintenance. This fabric has a lovely drape, a textured face and a mechanical stretch. It can be washed in the machine, and as it’s premium polyester, doesn’t crease like linen – in fact, if you take it out of the machine immediately, you may not need to iron it at all!

Edessa MiniMatt

Many of our Special Offer tunics are made of our Edessa 100% polyester fabric. This is a panama weave fabric with a mechanical stretch, and offers great value for money.

Poly Cotton Twill

We use a strong mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton for many of our medical tunics, as this fabric is fantastic for washing at high temperatures. Our particular brand of poly cotton twill combines the durability and fastness of polyester with the breathability of cotton.

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